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This years winner of the APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 for BEST SKIN CARE SPECIALISTS

ORTRON is an OEM company that has been developing and manufacturing a complete skin care range since the establishment year 1981. Their experience gained has resulted in a complete range of natural treatments catering for all skin types. ORTRON's wide range of products also covers hair, nail, body and foot care.

Amongst the most innovative, in ORTRON's variety of products, which is a direct result of decades of research, are the Enzyme Treatments, the unique environment protector against sun and harsh environment factors (the BBC range of coloured products ranging from a yellow down to an olive skin tone), and the revolutionary Transdermal Delivery System (examples of use in the application of Vitamin C and painkillers).

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All the skin care formulations are carefully researched and the products designed to correct imbalances in the skin, thereby maintaining youthful and healthy looking skin. The products are all naturally based and are designed to suit any and all skin types.AE OrtronCorporationPtyLtd

ORTRON is committed in developing a business relationship with companies that wish to start selling unique and exclusive products in the market. ORTRON, being an OEM, offers companies opportunities to market these innovative and unique products to the Australian and overseas markets even in small quantities starting as low as 25kg either under the Ortron brand names or their own product line.