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ORTRON's capacity for contract manufacturing boasts an excellent and specialised small batch production and filling capability catering for the boutique market. Together with its driving ideal in manufacturing a quality product we ensure that all ingredients are 100% compatible.

ORTRON maintains a flexible and personal relationship with all of their clients. ORTRON can manufacture your company's formulation or we can create an individualised formula to meet your company's requirements. Our manufacturing and formulation team revolve around the combined skills of a herbalist,  aromatherapist, formulation and production chemist.

Our development team also works closely with your marketing department to create a customised product of the highest quality that will cater directly to your consumer base.


ORTRON offers concept-to-shelf services, providing a comprehensive one-stop experience in product cosmetic-manufacturing2-200x130development and manufacturing. This results in a product which benefits from professional cohesion and a personal relationship with you at all stages of the process. Each stage in the product development ultimately inter-relates, communicates and operates as a whole and not as a struggling fragmented process.

Starting from formula development through to package component sourcing, manufacturing, filling and assembly of your final ready-for-retail package, ORTRON is able to provide a solution that we believe nobody else can match. All that you need to do is develop the ideal marketing strategy to sell your individualised range.

So, answer your product needs today and talk to us about the ambitions you know you need  for the right partnership to materialise.

Let us take care of the product development problems which you shouldn't have to worry about. This gives you more time to concentrate on the effective and comprehensive marketing of your products.


Jar-100xORTRON's development team has a large collection of existing formulations for various cosmetic bases. These formulations are ready for use in your private label products.

Here, specific products such as essential oils and botanical extracts or other actives which interest you can be added, resulting in a product that is entirely suited to your own market. If you have an exclusive ingredient that you feel would suit your needs, then you can discuss the matter with the team at ORTRON who can either source it or suggest where you may be able to obtain the material.




Base formulations include:


  • Body productsimage-source
  • Deodorants, roll-on or spray
  • Face, eye & lip rejuvenation products
  • Hand, nail & foot care products
  • Liquid soaps
  • Men's products
  • Organic based baby products
  • Shampoos & conditioners
  • Naturally based lice treatment products
  • Slimming / cellulite treatments
  • Sun care
  • Treatments & specialties using uniquely patented products
  • Pet care