Typical things that people ask when wishing to start a range of skin care products of their own are

Many people have the same great idea of starting their own skin care range but need to know what is necessary for them to research before they invest in launching their cosmetic skincare range.

As we are in the cosmetic contract manufacturing business, Ortron Corporation has been able to help many people start their range but have always given the following advice:

  1. Research where you are going to sell the product so that the retailers can get the skin care range (lotion; moisturiser; hair conditioner; foot treatments as people love to pamper their feet)
  2. What market are you targeting for example mature or oily acne skin etc?
  3. Find a reliable distributor that can reach a larger network of sales
  4. Establish a brand name and register it
  5. Get an idea of packaging and label design
  6. How will you be able to make your skin care range exclusive and set it apart from the rest
  7. Speak to a contract formulator that will put your product together so that you sell a finished range.

One of the biggest issues when selling your own range is that people want to / need to

  1. Notice the product range on the shelf because of the packaging and appearance
  2. Smell the product for any fragrance that resonates with them
  3. Try some of it on themselves to gauge how it feels and once again how it smells on themselves.

Rest assured that once people have tried your skin care product range and are convinced of the high quality then there is every possibility that you will have repeat sales.

The internet may not always be the best way to launch SALES of your range but is an excellent way to launch your CONCEPT and show how your product is exclusive and unique. 

Using online selling can enhance your sales but  if you are using this as the only distribution channel it may not provide the volume throughput you require to become viable long term.

Before introducing your new moisturising cream for example, you need to know that the people can buy the products from somewhere. This can either be via a shop or chain of shops or via a link to a webpage shopping trolley system. The last option is really to be created once you have developed a name for yourself. There will always be the limitation on the fact that people can’t touch and feel the product.

Ortron, as a small volume cosmetic contract manufacturer, has a vast and diverse library of over 350 cosmetic formulations which we can draw upon.  These range from acne treatments to foot treatments. We have the skin care product that can treat your customer from head to toe.

So we trust that this article has provided you an insight to where to start and rest assured that we at Ortron are very likely to have the right skin care formulation to give you the head start to make the product which will suit that very special ingredient you have in mind and  we can formulate this in your product to do what you will need it to do.