Private Label

4bottles260x150At ORTRON we understand the ever-changing nature of the cosmetics market and the importance of assisting you to keep abreast of trends in formulated products and raw materials.  We are engaged in continuous industry research activities, including liaising with key raw material suppliers regarding their latest offerings, keeping up-to-date by reading all contemporary literature and attending major cosmetic conferences. 

Our primary goal is to help our clients develop, produce and distribute a unique range of quality cosmetics, bath and body products.  We have assisted many start up companies and have been at the forefront of the ever expanding  cosmetic industry. 

Do you have a product idea or formulation which you need to manufacture in larger quantities? Email or call us about your requirements, we're alway happy to offer assistance and solutions.

ORTRON has developed all their own formulations in their cosmetic and skin care product range. Many of these are produced in our factory. Over the past 30 years our Research & Development (R&D) has built up an extenisve library of our private label cosmetic formulations tailored to our customers which number in the thousands. These include but are not limited to:


Age spot cream
Anti-aging cream
Anti-aging gel
Clay mask for oil skin
Clay mask for dry skin
Cleansing clay masks
Cream cleansers
Day creams
Enzyme treatment      (replacing AHA products)
Eye gels
Eye serums
Face scrubs
Foaming cleanser gels
Lip balms
Make-up remover
Moisturising creams
Moisturising clay mask
Neck creams
Night creams
Skin lightening
Aloe vera gel
Anti-cellulite gel
Body balm
Body butter
Body lotion
Body oils
Body scrubs
Body wash
Shower gel
Conditioners -

Cleansing, Hair Extensions, Moisturising, Protein, Reconditioning, Volumising, Wigs.

Shampoos -
Anti-dandruff, Cleansing,  Hair Extensions, Moisturising, Protein, Reconditioning, Volumising, Wigs.

Antifrizz spray
Gloss serum
Hair washes

Hair styling products

Baby & New Mum
Mens Skin Care
Baby balms
Baby bath oils
Baby oils
Baby shampoos
Stretch mark gel
Stretch mark mask
Shaving cream (low foam)
After shave gel
After shave lotion
Hair & body wash
Shaving foam
Shaving cream
After waxing soothing cream
After waxing cleansing oil
Body scrub (Pre-tanning)
Ultra sound gel
Oxygenating lotion
Bath & Shower
Hands, Feet & Nails
Bath milks
Bath oils
Bath soaks
Hair & body wash
Foot balm
Foot cream
Foot scrub & softener
Hand cream
Hand & nail soak
Hand & nail soak
Foot soak solution
Dog conditioning spray
Dog hair conditioners
Dog shampoos



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ORTRON understands that establishing a complete production facility is expensive - by providing our services to manufacture private label cosmetic and skin care manufacturing for our clients, we are able to assist with the growth of our customers business, without this unnecessary added expense!

We specialise in boutique, small  to medium quantity cosmetic manufacturing and have a number of  stainless steel tanks ranging in size from 20 Litre pots to a 500 litre tapped and heated tank, accommodating any run size. We also have an assortment of mixers and homogenisers to compliment each of these tanks.

ORTRON can cater to your specific cosmetic and skincare manufacturing requirements. We have all the processing equipment needed to fill, label, seal and batch code your skincare product range. This covers all your cosmetic production needs, regardless of batch size delivering a finished product ready to retail. You will not have to deal with anything about the preparation of the product except the selling of your stock.

Ask us to help you create your own private label cosmetics and skin care today!