Research and Development

ORTRON specialises in short run and medium quantity contract manufacturing of boutique skin and hair care products.

It offers small to medium size businesses an opportunity to market formulations which have been specifically developed for their needs without having to outlay substantial amounts of money to develop those products (please refer to the testimonials section). 

Three main skin care brand names are produced by ORTRON 

They are


au mel smlJJ-logo-150x150exotique

             1                                    2                                3

Australian Melaleuca          Joie & Jeunesse         Exotique Supernaturelle


Products made under Australian Melaleuca deal with a diverse and comprehensive range incorporating tea tree oil and was the first formulations ORTRON developed. This oil can make emulsion preparations difficult and gave us a great insight into better emulsion technologies.

Joie & Jeunesse (J&J) does not contain tea tree oil. This range uses newly researched and patented products like the Transdermal Delivery System®, papaya enzyme exfoliating technology®, enzymatic skin lighteners and the unique skin protection product used to combat the harsh environmental effects of the sun and weather.

The Exotique Supernaturelle range of  products incorporate unique and exotic essential oils as well as more naturally based raw materials. New formulations are being developed in this range that will include products for the hands, feet and face.handshake 150x

Some of ORTRON's aims is:

  1. to dedicate developing a secure business relationship with companies that wish to start in the market.
  2. offer companies the opportunity to market innovative and unique products in the Australian and overseas markets
  3. firmly committed to further its research and development capabilities, resulting in the capacity to canvas a much wider market with progressive, innovative and naturally based skin care products and treatments.

Enquire today to discover how ORTRON can

  • help you set up a flourishing business of your own,
  • or for you to sell the product range already developed by them.

laboratory 150x150ORTRON provides:

        • a research division constantly investigating new products
        • developing new technologies which become available on the market
        • formulations and tailoring them to their clients needs.

ORTRON can incorporate these products into a more tailored finished product.



To date, ORTRON's R&D laboratory and Dr. Jacob Vromen, have achieved a number of ground breaking technologies:


    • Unique skin protector products for the fight against the elements ie sun, wind etc.
    • Rejuvenating and anti-aging products
    • A unique shaving cream
    • An emphasis on treatments rather than individual products
    • The patented Transdermal Delivery System  utilizing the delivery of active vitamin C, aspirin for pain relief, to name but a few.
    • The patented stabilised Papain Enzyme Treatment, which exfoliates without any of the harmful side-effects that AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) are known for.
    • List of patents held by Dr Vromen