Dr. Jacob Vromen, Managing Director of Ortron Corp. Pty Ltd. of Sydney Australia, is the inventor of the patented stabilised enzyme products and topical delivery system.

Dr. Vromen is formerly from The Netherlands and has been a resident of Australia since 1966. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Amsterdam University (Summa Cum Laude) and a B.Sc. in Economics from London University.

He has been a frequent lecturer in Australia and the Netherlandson cosmetic chemistry. He has also of late given lectures at the Melbourne Anti-Aging Expo on the topic "Skin Rejuvenation: Facts and Fallacies". He holds many patents and since 1981 has spent a considerable amount of time in skincare research and development.

Dr. Vromen is one of the originators of water-in-oil (w/o) emulsion technology.

He is a member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists and the Federation Intemationale de Cosmetologie (France). He is fluent in Dutch, German, French and English.



Andres R. - Balmoral Beach, NSW 2088

In the cosmetics industry, a reliable contract manufacturer is the cornerstone of the business.

I can speak from experience with the Ortron Corporation that they were prompt to return my queries from the first interaction, happily signed a confidentiality agreement, quoted the sharpest price, developed a sample to specification, and delivered my stock 1 week before the agreed timeline.  I can now focus on marketing and selling my product knowing that I have found a reliable partner to keep my inventories stocked up, on time. In 4 years working with contract manufacturers I really hadn't come across a company that would give me such peace of mind. I highly recommend them.

Sept 2014

Alison Roberts - Mona Vale, NSW 2103

I would highly recommend Ortron Manufacturing.  I was most impressed with their prompt response to my query.   Marc and Jacob are personable, friendly and enthusiastic about their work.  With Jacob’s vast experience and deep knowledge, he was able to provide solutions that were effective and appropriate for my needs.  It has been a pleasure working them as they are always available for consults and kindly offer helpful advice.  I feel like they are a part of my team.

October 2014

George Cupac - Founder "Mr. Skin Care"

As founder of the men’s skin care brand Mr; I have enjoyed working with both Dr. Jacob Vromen and Marc Vromen and the team at Ortron since 2008. Both Jacob and Marc were instrumental in assisting and implementing our retail and professional range, product sku’s, key ingredients, packaging advice and product innovation. I find them to be very helpful whether you’re a start-up looking to get your first range up-and-running at reasonable minimum orders or an established brand looking to proceed with medium to large production and packaging runs. Above all, I found Ortron to be the only manufacturer that genuinely partnered with me in meeting our mutual goals.

October 2014

Laura Stokes - Natural Projection Pty Ltd  - Ingleburn, NSW 2565 

I have been a Beauty Therapist for nearly 20 years, Initially meeting  Dr Jacob Vromen during my training period at the Gre College. Jacob had written all the notes on cosmetic chemistry & provided the college with the product ranges used. This is where my passion for Cosmetic Chemistry began.

When starting my business I chose well known industry brands which I changed several times due to the inability to perform on my clients skin issues sufficiently. After many years pursuing this way I became very frustrated & disillusioned with the promises that these so called professional brands offered.

I had discovered a beautiful natural active ingredient that I wanted to make into my hero products in the salon.

I decided at that point to go back to my roots, to the man who had truly educated me in Cosmetic Chemistry at college.

After meeting with Jacob after all these years not only was I delighted to be able to have the hero product produced ( in 4 colours ) but I have had great joy in playing in the Lab with such a  talented , knowledgeable, gifted man.

Marc & Jacob were able to assist me in all facets of production from packaging, labelling etc. They graciously allowed me to have small production lots whilst I get my new business venture underway, to this I am ever grateful & I am sure that this would never be offered by other personal care producers.

I am having a wonderful time replacing all the ineffective products in my salon with truly professional quality ranges that are getting rave reviews from all clients The Australian Melaleuca is the only range that has ever treated acne effectively.

I particularly like that Jacob & Marc graciously listen to me when I have a Beauty Therapist prospective on products & treatments, that they have a true understanding of treatment application both in salon treatment & home care.

I look forward to many more years of association with Ortron Corporation & I truly believe that we will make many more awesome products together.

Thank you Jacob & Marc

October 2014

All too often, people think that a cream, lotion or gel is just a simple mixture of your favourite oils and fragrances mixed together as one.
In fact, this is far from the truth, and is the main reason homemade formulations typically dissolve or degrade in such a short period of time. In reality, the creams, lotions and solutions you see in today's market are developed and produced using a complex science of correct formulation, stability testing and raw material experience.
I would like to thank the team at Ortron Laboratories for their experience, patience, and above all, their profound knowledge of the cosmeceutical industry. Their vast knowledge of organic chemistry, product stability and excipient compatibility has allowed me to develop a range of cosmetics creams and lotions that continue to be loved by the community I serve. It is an absolute joy to work alongside a team that is enthusiastic to explore the next stage in expanding my product range.
Fontress Pty

December 2014

Hi Marc,

This is just a small letter to congratulate you on your shaving cream. I was forever having problems with shaving creams until I used your product. I no longer get shaving rash or the burning after effects. This is a great relief for me as I no longer have to put up with sore skin. I have now started to use your product and can feel the difference. I just thought I'd take the time to let you know what a great product I think you have. It offers me a much closer shave and I don’t have to shave as often. I have also noticed that my razors last longer now. Thank you and well done.

Kind Regards,

Nicholas Kontaxis


Red Telecom

December 2014

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